Extreme Reach Duster - Your Trusted China OEM Manufacturer

Wuxi Union Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce our latest product, the Extreme Reach Duster. As a leading manufacturer, supplier and factory of cleaning essentials in China, we are committed to offering our customers the best possible solutions.

The Extreme Reach Duster is designed to make cleaning hard-to-reach areas easy and convenient. With its long, extendable handle, this duster is perfect for cleaning ceilings, tall shelves, and other surfaces that are normally beyond reach. It is also made with high-quality materials to ensure excellent cleaning performance, and is durable and long-lasting.

Our team has worked hard to create a product that meets the needs of our customers, and we are confident that the Extreme Reach Duster will exceed your expectations. If you're looking for a reliable and effective cleaning tool, look no further than Wuxi Union Co., Ltd. and our Extreme Reach Duster.
  • Introducing the Extreme Reach Duster, the perfect tool for all your household cleaning needs. Our duster is made from high-quality materials and is designed for extreme reach, making it possible to clean those hard-to-reach places where dust and dirt accumulate. Our dusters are manufactured by a leading China OEM, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product that is built to last. The Extreme Reach Duster is perfect for cleaning fans, light fixtures, bookshelves, and any other tall spaces that need dusting. Our duster comes with a comfortable grip and an adjustable head that can reach up to 3 feet to make cleaning even easier. The electrostatically charged fibers of the duster trap dust, dirt, and hair, making cleaning quick and efficient. Our product is eco-friendly and reusable, and can be easily cleaned and maintained for long-lasting use. The Extreme Reach Duster is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their home clean and dust-free. With its superior quality and innovative design, the Extreme Reach Duster is the perfect cleaning tool for anyone who wants to clean their home quickly and efficiently. Order yours today and experience the difference that our duster can make in your cleaning routine!
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